Union County Attorney

Most legal matters that apply to family problems are very complex, so it is important to have a Union County Attorney who realizes your need to understand the process of your case at every step. At Lundell Law Firm, we always take the time necessary to explain what legal steps are needed and why we take them in order to resolve your family issues.

Experienced Family Law Attorney

Family Law is one of the most active areas of practice at the Lundell Law Firm. When relationships sour, clients need help to resolve delicate family matters like child custody, visitation and other agreements. Our attorney is a caring individual who understands the stress that is put upon family members when the family unit is changed due to divorce or separation. Under the guidance of Founding Attorney Kirk Lundell, we are determined to practice law with a special effort to provide superior customer service to our clients.

Advocacy for all Aspects of Employment Law

Our team is experienced with all aspects of the employment relationship, including wage and hour, discrimination, retaliation, unemployment, and more. Allow us to evaluate your case for discrimination or review your company’s policies and procedures for avoiding litigation. At Lundell Law Firm, we have the knowledge and experience to understand your needs and protect your rights.

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