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Are You a Victim of Domestic Violence?

Do you need a Union County domestic violence lawyer? Are you being abused and need help with the legal system? Have you been falsely accused and need an experienced domestic violence attorney to help?

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What is the Legal Result of a Union County Domestic Violence Case?

Domestic violence law is an ever changing area of law in North Carolina. Domestic violence has plagued our society to the point that extraordinary legal efforts have been established via statute to offer help for those affected. In many cases, they have been very successful. Restraining orders have been made available to victims and special courts have been set up to criminally prosecute offenders. Abuse counseling has been mandated for offenders and services have been made available to child victims and witnesses of abuse.

These changes have helped a great deal. As with all areas of our legal system, the Courts have an obligation to ensure justice and due process, and that means each party in cases of domestic violence and NCGS Chapter 50B restraining orders are entitled to attorneys. It may not be in your best interest to walk into that courtroom alone. At Lundell Law Firm, we have assisted clients on both sides of restraining order cases.

Are You Being Accused of Domestic Violence in North Carolina?

Have you been wrongly accused? Have the circumstances been exaggerated or do you just need help? An unfortunate consequence of making help easier to obtain for victims of domestic violence is the relative ease for some to abuse this system and make false accusations which bring with them catastrophic consequences. Have you been kicked out of your home based on a lie? Are you being denied the right to see your children based on lies or exaggerations?

Whether you need a child custody lawyer, or any other type of family/divorce help, we are here for you!

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