Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a legal process for solving disputes that are non-criminal in nature. For example, clients call upon an attorney at Lundell Law Firm for legal representation when they are involved on either side of a civil lawsuit. This may include matters of concern like child custody, business disputes, employment matters, or breach of contract. Lawyers who are litigators are the ones who represent you in a court of law, a hearing or other alternative method of dispute settlement.

Lundell Law Firm

Kirk Lundell is an experienced litigator with excellent knowledge of the laws that pertain to family and business matters. Our focus is on keeping our clients informed at every step of the legal process, so they understand what is happening and why. Most litigation is resolved at some point prior to going into a courtroom, because that is more beneficial to all parties. However, should your case progress to court, we are aggressive and strong legal representatives who work hard to get a win.

North Carolina Civil Litigation Attorney

In our work as a North Carolina Civil Litigation Attorney, we have experience representing hundreds of clients for a variety of legal problems. These include personal and business concerns, such as:

  • Business & Contract Disputes
  • Discrimination/Harassment
  • Employment Law
  • Unemployment

We are focused on attaining the best results for our clients, and we have many innovative techniques for achieving this goal, including mediation and negotiation.

Call Now for Legal Representation

If you are facing litigation as either the defendant or plaintiff, call now for experienced legal representation from an attorney at the Monroe, NC, Lundell Law Firm. We will fight hard for a win, and we always welcome new clients. We serve the greater Charlotte, NC area, including Union County, Mecklenburg County, and Anson County, as well as clients from more distant locations like Stanly, Cabarrus, and Gaston Counties. Attorney Kirk Lundell is an active participant and member of several Bar Associations, including the North Carolina State Bar, Union County Bar Association, and American Bar Association.

Call now for legal representation by an attorney with the experience you need and the ability to wage complex legal battles for you. Contact Lundell Law Firm at: (704) 288-4096.

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