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Sexual Harassment

Unlawful sexual harassment may include vulgar and profane remarks directed towards you, inappropriate and unwanted touching or other lewd conduct, or demands from a boss for sexual favors as a condition for continued employment, raises, or bonuses. All of this conduct constitutes sexual harassment and is unlawful under Federal and State laws. As an employee, whether you are an executive, manager, professional or a worker, you are entitled to a workplace free of unwanted sexual harassment.

Sexual Harassment Laws

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination “based on sex.” Courts have held that Title VII prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace. The North Carolina State Human Resources Act also contains similar provisions concerning sexual harassment. If you wish to understand how any or all of these laws may apply to your situation, contact an attorney experienced with handling sexual harassment claims at the Lundell Law Firm.

Types of Sexual Harassment

There are two basic forms of sexual harassment. The first is “quid pro quo” sexual harassment, i.e., someone in a position of authority over you either offers you a promotion or pay raise for sexual favors or threatens to fire you or downgrade you if you refuse to provide sexual favors to your supervisor.

The second type of sexual harassment is “hostile work environment” discrimination. This occurs when you are subjected to unwanted conduct, innuendo or advances by either supervisors or coworkers which make it difficult for you to do your work. An employer is required to take appropriate action to prevent and correct such behavior.

Who Can Sexually Harass and be Harassed

Although sexual harassment is most commonly directed towards women, in some cases it can be directed towards men. So long as the harassment in question is “based on the employee’s gender,” it is unlawful.

Sexual harassment is a problem that needs to be dealt with aggressively. If you are a victim of this type of abuse, contact an attorney at Lundell Law Firm familiar with handling claims of sexual harassment.

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